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What does Zen have to do with Bulls?

This is a question that we get asked on occasion, in fact more than occasionally, and for those who have had limited exposure to Zen, it is a very valid one.

Zen is famous for its stories and metaphors, among those told are what is known as the Ox-Herding pictures which were found throughout China from the very earliest centuries.

In the 12 century the renowned Zen master Kakuan added two more bulls to the traditional 8 bringing the total to 10.

The Zen Bulls are a metaphor for the journey to self realization and the evolution of awakening, a journey that is possible for all of us.
The Zen Bull
 10. Return to Society
Barefooted and naked of breast,
I mingle with the people of the world.
My clothes are ragged and dust-laden,
and I am ever blissful.
I use no magic to extend my life;
Now, before me, the dead trees
become alive.


Welcome ... to The Zen Bull: 

The Zen Bull

Mindfulness and Business

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health finds that stress- related ailments cost US companies more than $200 billion a year.  Stressed employees are more likely to be unhealthy, unhappy and disengaged.  In fact, 70% to 90% of employee hospital visits are linked to stress.

An increasing number of major companies are looking to mindfulness as a way to reduce stress in the workplace because it brings real benefits from the individual level all the way to the company’s bottom line.

The Zen BullWhat is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is a natural state we all possess, and yet we lost our connection to it over the years.  At the Zen Bull, we simply show you the process of reconnecting to our bodies through our breath.  As the internal resistance to the practice ebbs and flows, we work with our clients to bring their awareness to the resistance and guide them through the process of letting it go.  Our approach to implementing a mindfulness practice with our clients is a balance of new awareness, repetition and support.
Why Teach Mindfulness?
We do not follow the new age, touchy feely, way of Teaching Mindfulness.  The idea of teaching something puts an external focus on learning a technique or a philosophy called mindfulness and this creates more of the same mind-based, or thinking-based approach to the practice.

Our minds are constantly searching for information to bring relief to our sense of unease in life; for instance, we seek a means to bring more joy into our personal lives.  Our minds search for the right book, program or teacher that provides the key to feeling more secure and empowered.  Mindfulness approached in this fashion only creates the same type of stress we are working to relieve.
The Zen BullMindfulness is a simple tool to change old patterns.
Rigorous research with reliable results clearly shows neurological improvement across the areas of memory, enhanced awareness and emotional well-being.  Practitioners show an increased ability, and with less feelings of pressure, to complete tasks more efficiently, meet deadlines or achieve targets. Essentially, when an employee’s mind is free from the old conditioning and negative patterns there is space for innovation and enhanced production.  
On a personal level, mindfulness brings better sleep, better communication and openness in relationships.  We are attuned to the situation rather than reacting unconsciously; instead of knee-jerk reactions and judgment, we respond with full awareness.
Why Practice Mindfulness?

Research shows stress reduction through meditative techniques works in the workplace. Mindfulness increases performance whilst encouraging innovative leadership.  For these reasons, 25% of large US companies such as Google, Genetech and even the US Marine Corps, launched stress-reduction initiatives.
Join these market leaders and gain a competitive edge in a most unexpected way. In house, online or at a retreat we can accommodate and personalize our service to your needs.

The Team:
Our team has years of practice and imparts their wisdom from a place of direct experience. It
is easy to teach information, for any mind can learn 'About’ mindfulness, but this is not the experience! This is not an intellectual practice, it is not a skill that can be taught. We offer Mindfulness as a practice that brings the direct experience.

In addition to our programs, and for the hearty seeker, we also offer a range of products that assist you with your practice, as well as your body.

Practical and binaural meditation techniques for different purposes and practices, as well other products to assist you with the journey.

For further information about our groups, one on one sessions
or any of our products please feel free to contact us.

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