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The Art and Science of Mindfulness

Time Magazine featured Mindfulness on its cover in February. The subject appeared in Forbes and New Scientist to name a few more publications. Yet for the individual, the parent or the corporate tiger or tigress, mindfulness may seem far to passive and foo foo…So, what are you missing?

Science is now bringing us evidence of what many ancient traditions from around the world taught for thousands of years. We are all connected. While skeptics abound, the fact that the US government invested $20 million over 20 years to study remote viewingat Stanford University, with results published in Nature 251, 1974,gives weight to the idea of interconnectedness.

Mindfulness is a simple breathing exercise derived from ancient techniques, withdocumented benefits such as stress reduction according to a study from the UK Mental Health Foundation in 2012. Aren’t we are all searching for an edge in life – our career, our personal relationships and even our golf game.

The Zen BullSo often we are looking outside for the next gadget, program or book, but the key to our real potentiality lies within.

Mindfulness is something that gives you access to that potentiality; mindfulness further excavates the existing arsenal of talents and genius within you.

The clarity of the pure mind is so often bogged down with concepts and conditioning that we are like the full cup in the Zen Story , where our cups are too full to take on any more.

Mindfulness opens the doors to new realities. When you practice mindfulness, within the week or two you can have a direct experience of the benefits such as: sleeping better; responding vs. reacting; and creating space for ideas, communication and innovation. Think about what this means for your personal and professional relationships; think of what this would do for your business and customer relationships.

As the practice gains traction, our family and personal lives thrive and our work or company prospers internally and externally. Internally, the company members’ personal and professional lives begin to flourish and externally the company prospers through increased innovation, quality, delivery, responsiveness and reliability.

The Zen Bull

The Zen Bull
We have a range of programs to suit all levels of understanding and experience. From those taking their first steps in their search, to those who are seeking to actualize their gifts.

In house, online or at a retreat we can accommodate and personalize our service to your needs.

The Zen Bull
The Zen Bull
Our team has years of practice and imparts their wisdom from a place of direct experience. It is easy to teach information, for any mind can learn 'About’ mindfulness, but this is not the experience! This is not an intellectual practice, it is not a skill that can be taught. We offer Mindfulness as a practice that brings the direct experience.
The Zen Bull
The Zen Bull
In addition to our programs, and for the hearty seeker, we also offer a range of products that assist you with your practice, as well as your body.

Practical and binaural meditation techniques for different purposes and practices, as well other products to assist you with the journey.

For further information about our groups, one on one sessions
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